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1000kg Polyhopper The 1000kg Polyhopper is designed for inherent strength with ribbed sides and a structured top. The four corners are 50ml flat to bolt on legs easily .Rotationally moulded ,these corners are very strong. The Polyhopper shown has the popular slide valve,however it is simple to use with plumbing fittings. The Polyhopper will hold the contents of a standard,reusable,1 tonne bulk bag.
The 1 Tonne Cradle Frame By using a cradle frame  to support the  1 Tonne Polyhoppers the  only material touching the product is food grade/non- corosive polyethene. Frames can be made to fit whatever bulk handling system you need.Most sales are without frame for this reason. Frames can be made simply by bolting on legs to the  flat corners for freestanding applications.
250kg Polyhopper The 250kg Polyhopper is very similar in design to the larger polyhopper. From heading bins in processing units to storing bulk food stuffs ,this smaller hopper has its place.Large machinery is not need to move/transport this hopper. The frame shown here is of light galvanised boxing and cradles the Polyhopper.    
The Polyhopper Auto Feeder
The Polyhopper auto feeder has a Kenco automatic feeder attached to the base. Powered by a 6 volt torch battery,the vibrating paddle arm throw the contents out to 9 metres twice a day,on sunrise and 1 hour before sunset.By setting the duration of  time the paddle runs,the amount of feed thrown out is quantitfied.It will fit on both Polyhoppers and has a wide range of applications.
200 litre Drums
There are a range of 200 litre. drums.One made from recycled plastics for genral purpose,a food grade drum for holding water and a fuel grade drum. Drum tippers make easy work of dispensing the liquids and theres quite a variety of taps and fittings.
Calf Feeder
This is a manifold type feeder using Milkbar branded teets. 
The 60 teets are attached to the manifold using Easy Clips which allow for fast removal and easy cleaning. 
The galvanised steel frame is is supported by 4 flotation tyres and features a retractable drawbar and  a sturdy jockey stand.
The 400 Litre tank is rotationally moulded Polyethylene and fully UV stabilized. 
The unit comes complete with dump valve,  2 large lids for ease of filling/cleaning and plastic mudguards.
350 Litre Water Trough A 350 litre water trough,UV stabilised ,and a tough solid design. This trough features a hidden ballcock so livestock will not damage it.
Smart Kart The Smart Kart is a very versatile small trailer.Features include a galvanized steel frame,flotation tyres,a tipping 1600 litre Polyethylene bin with an opening tail gate.The couplings avaialble are as above or with a ball coupling.
Tool Box
The ultimate tool box/secure storage for for your trailer.Theres three compartments that are weatherproof with a flip top lid giving complete access to contents.There are two sizes:The small tool box is 115x54x38cm.The large is 115x54x60cm and is pictured above.
70 Litre Air Tight Storage Bin This 70 litre storage bin,made from food grade polyethlene is widley used in the food industry. Very durable with an air tight lid,it is ideal for storing the likes of flour,sugar and other bulk products.

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Our motto "Save Time,Money,Shrinkage,Waste and Your Back"

In 1990,The concept of the polyhopper bulk handling system was born."There has to be a better way".A fairly simple concept.Buy product in a reusable 1 tonne bulk bag and release the product into the polyhopper for distribution.

A saving of up to $150/tonne or more by buying in bulk.rather than small bags/ small quantities.

The polyhopper pays for itself in very short  time.The polyhopper is vermin proof,there is not a pile of empty bags to get rid of,and you save the strain of having to open and manually handle these bags.

Two years later,the first 1000kg mould. was built and in 1994 a patent was granted.Improvements since then include a new slide valve and a polyethylene lid.

The rotationally moulded polyhopper is made from food grade,UV resistant,non-corrosive polyetlhlene and weighs around 44kg.It is 1.2 mtrs high,1.4 mtrs wide and .8 mtrs deep.There are a variety of colours.It has ribbed sides for extra strength and flat edges for easy basic framing.The slide valve is made from food grade, high density extruded plastic,machine milled for ease of use and has aluminum handels.The lid fits snuggly on the top slotting over the raised boxing making the polyhopper weather proof.

Applications in use include manufacturing,storage and distribution of :  food--chemicals--fertilizer--stock food-- oils--sand-- bio diesel--seeds--

Applications in use where bulk buying is a part of good business include : garden centres--farming--horticulture--avaries --kennels--

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250kg Hoppers


This is a very convenient and versatile hopper. Ideal for smaller apllications where large machinery is not required,yet buying and storage in bulk is.

1000kg Hoppers


This polyhopper is in use in many applications where bulk processing/handling/storage are required.The first Polyhoppers are still robustly in use some 16 years on!